Saturday, July 01, 2006

summer storms

The next picture is just one snapshot of the ever changing view around us. We've had our share of summer storms already. You just never know what the weather will be in an hour. I put this picture in 'cause it's kind of like what my life's like right now. Things are ever changing. Each of the kids are going through their own transitions which of course changes my life too. But just as God is in the storms so he is in each of these life storms too. So if Josh is off to college and Sarah is going to real school and Levi lost his big teeth (finally),and Robyn broke up with Tim, Pieter turned 14 and is starting to sleep in and get pimples, Meagan is getting her license and is going (without me) to Ukraine, I am learning to live with a chronic illness, and a new pair of socks, it all doesn't matter for "there is a time for every purpose under heaven." If it's storming, if there's black clouds looming overhead or if the sun is shining on my back,everythings O.K. For doesn't my heavenly Father know what I need even before I ask him?

some home schooling moments


I almost forgot. Here is Penelope. She is a few hours old here. It tells us something of the God we serve to see these playful cuddly creatures that he imagined and then spoke into being.


4 youngest returning from frogging. No luck. The spring peepers stopped peeping as soon as they came near.

New puppy

Our new puppy King. He's almost as big as Ace already and really thinks he is king. He grabs all the choice scraps and gentle Ace just lets him.