Friday, December 22, 2006


We took possession of the house the other day. Some of the kids hadn't seen it yet so we all went to the house. I'm sure the neighbours were wondering just what kind of people moved in. It's amazing what a family can find to do in an empty house.
We had pizza and pop on a table cloth on the floor. The boys got quickly bored and started a big wrestling match in the living room. I could just see dented walls already so I suggested campfire games in front of the fireplace. Levi got quickly tired of that and decided he wanted to be a conductor which fits perfectly with his take charge personality. We obediently sat in a circle in front of him as he assigned each of us an instrument (Meagan does a really good trumpet sound). Next we each had to pick a note and when he pointed to us we had to sing it. It ended up total chaos with Levi yelling in a last ditch effort to control his choir that became completely rebellious. It ended with the conductor tackling one of the musicians as the rest of the choir joined in the fray picking sides. Somehow this transitioned into a game of Hide and Go Freak in the pitch dark house. (Levi wants to add that Josh's singing sounded like a hyena)
We ended up sitting on the floor in the dark, blinds up, admiring the twinkling city lights, talking about what should go where. Of course each of us had the best ideas and couldn't believe how the others couldn't see it his way. Too soon it was time to go home or should I say to the old house for whereever we are together is home.
That evening got me to thinking. Who really cares what house one lives in. Big or small, empty or full- it's the family inside that counts. How quickly we can get caught up in the stuff that "thieves can break in and steal and moths and rust destroy"
God, protect and guide our family as we change and expand and stumble and fail and love and forgive and laugh and pray...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

"frozen in time", by Meagan

Rare photo of Pieter dressed up and a not so rare picture of Sarah with animals