Tuesday, April 17, 2007

new life

new puppies!!!8 blond and 2 black!!!
And heres a bird on our tree!!!We don't know what it is.we looked in our bird book.It wasn't there.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A day in the life of Meagan and Megan

It was just like any other ordinary day. A day filled with laughter and sunshine. A day fit for midnight snacks and exfoliating masks. A day fit for Meagan and Megan.

Hello fellow bloggers! On behalf of the de Groot blog, the two of us would like to say just how excited we are for spring. In order to prepare for this epic season, (spring) also known as playoff season, we decided to exfoliate and get pumped up for another road to the playoffs with our one and only, Calgary Flames.

We'd just like to let everyone out there know that our matchup against Detroit in the first round will not be a problem. They will be finished in a short 4 game series. That is all.

Happy spring and happy playoffs!


Meagan and Megan

now, some beautifully entertaining pictures

Getting ready for spring

Midnight Snack! And this time, we weren't just allowed 6 vinta crackers each (josh..)

Our Bountiful Feast

Friday, April 06, 2007

A brief taste of spring

As I write this it is snowing and a cold north wind is blowing. But we did get a brief taste of spring and went for a long walk behind our place to the river. It was farther than we thought to actually get to the water, the valley being broader then we expected. When we did actually get to the river, there was a steep mud bank which only the dogs could find a way down. No wild flowers yet, Robyn. I look forward to going with you to see the May flowers...if this stinking winter would go away.