Friday, July 27, 2007

7 radom facts about myself(levi)

ok,so robyn tagged me so i'm supposed to write 7 ramdom facts about myself. And tag 7 other people.

(1)soccer and hockey are my favorite sports.

(2)I like real cars.

(3)I really really love different varieties of ice cream.(I'll never get sick of ice cream)

(4)I hate football and tennis.

(5)I hate Avril lavigne and Edmenton oilers(boo oilers)

(6)my favorite N.H.L. team is flames(go flames)

(7 last one)I like pancakes and waffles for lunch.

I tag sarah,meagan,pieter,And dad.

and my family is going camping on monday(30th.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

radom picc

here's a few radom pics.cats and things.No new things going on.Josh is finally blogging,just to tell ya.we sold two of are kittens.bye,levi