Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A real swamp!

We walked on boardwalks through a swamp in South Carolina. I wished we had taken binoculars- there was such a variety of birds.


We toured a pre civil war Southern Cotton andPecan plantation. You can see the old slave quarters by the giant oak. I loved the Avenue of Oaks leading up to the estate. (I didn't know some of the oaks down south didn't loose their leaves in winter)

Hey, Y'all, this is Charleston

Here, Josh, are some pictures of our trip. This is the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina, and some photos of the beaches there. It's only a 5 hour drive from where you are so you should go sometime.(Make friends with someone with a car ).

Monday, January 15, 2007

From castle to dungeon

So what you see is all the space Josh has. He shares a 20 by 20 room with 4 other guys, desk, dressers and beds included. It looked like they hadn't done anything to the rooms since the 1800's!
Josh seemed quite content to be left there and I'm sure will do fine, but it was tough to leave him. Josh is a little famous,being the only Canadian freshman and the only western Canadian on campus. One of the profs took him to church and home for supper on Sunday. Not something that would happen in a big university. Time will tell whether this is the place for him, but the experience he gains will be invaluable. God bless you, Josh. You know I will pray for you often.

Covenant College, Josh's new home

We had the opportunity to tour Covenant and see Josh off last week. We were impressed with the historic buildings (Carter Hall, where Josh is staying, was built as a high class hotel in the mid 1800s) the beautiful chapel, the wonderful scenery and the modern facilities. So it was a huge shock when we at last got to see Josh's dorm...

Monday, January 01, 2007

New morning mercies

We hope you all had a blessed Christmas. I pray that God will guide and keep you in the new year. I want this entry to be a testimony to the love of my Father. I have sung so often of the mercies of God, but this past year I have known and experienced his mercies every day. When I was down He lifted my head. When I was filled with pride he humbled me. When I didn't know if he was there or cared he sent someone to listen and to support me.(thanks, Jul, thanks 'Neta) When I was confused, and doubting just the right song would come on the radio or just the right words sprang out from the pages of my bible. When I couldn't pray a friend would drop by and pray with me.(Thanks, John, thanks, Bill). When I needed forgiveness my family was there to forget it and start anew. (Thanks Pete) When I didn't have the energy to fold that basket of laundry, or clean the kitchen one more time that day someone would step in and do it for me.( Thanks, girls)
You know, if I hadn't been in the wilderness I would not have experienced the special manna of God's presence. God is good!